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Trial Report Service Inc. supplies coverage and information on civil action jury trials in the district, federal, and county courts at law. We have been covering Dallas County district and federal courts since 1963, and Tarrant County since 1992. In 1996, we began reporting jury trials in the county courts at law.

The district and federal reports are published weekly and cover the style of the case, appearances of attorney and judges, alleged injury, type of case, expert witnesses, negotiations and verdict (including awards).The county courts at law are in the same general format and are published monthly.

Trial Report Service Inc. offers computer research on any information contained in the Dallas County Federal and District Report, Tarrant County Federal and District Report as well as both counties County Courts at Law Reports.

For more information, please contact us either by email (by clicking on the EMAIL button on this page) or at info@trialreports.net. You may also call Nancy Ulrich at (214) 607-9862.

We look forward to serving you.

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